How to Fix a Slow Android to Most Performance

Smartphones should ideally be the intelligent device that can help the user in any occasion. However, another Android smartphone which is the case if you use slower. Activities or work of any user will be distracted and as a user, you surely feel particularly hates going to it. Just the information, one of the causes of slow Android is the full cache. The question is, do you need to directly replace the device?

Wait a minute, it turns out that we can cope with smartphone slowing because a full cache in a manner that fairly easily. What's it?

1. Delete all caches on Smartphones to remove all cached data in Android, you only need to enter the menu "Settings" and then select "Storage & Memory", then select the option "USB Storage & Option".

Then, you will enter the menu "Internal Storage" and press the option "Cache the Data" then press OK so appear "Clear Cached Data?"

2. Clear Cache in applications other than removing the entire data cache on Android, you can remove the cached data that is in the application. For example, the application is Instagram.

How else is almost the same, that is, enter the menu "Settings" and select the option "Apps" and select the application you want to delete the cached data. For example application Instagram. Then you can choose the menu "Storage" and select "Clear Cache".

3. Use the cleaning Application Cache other easy ways that you can do to clean your cache is the cache data cleanser application install. There are various types of application such as this, for example, Clean Master, Cache Cleaner, Power Clean, and Smart Booster.