The Main Things You Should Know about Email Marketing

Email Marketing has a number of advantages, it helps you to reach your customers and keep them informed about your business, products, sales or other unique opportunities available for your customers. That is why so many businessmen are eager to use email marketing, but few of them know how it should work. The opportunities offered by email marketing are varied and here we have few pieces of advice to help you manage these opportunities and make your marketing program more efficient.

Things to avoid

All we know that verbs are stronger than a noun in sending messages, that is why when you offer something to your customer you should let him know what he should do. But using “Buy Now” strategy isn’t the best decision. As far as it is used too often your mail can be considered to be a spam that leads to loss of your customers. Don’t make your customers think that you care only about you selling, it won’t make you a good relationship with them. If you want your customers to be excited about your letters reward them with exclusive offers and discounts through your emails. Make them feel special and prove that you care about them. Such offers may also increase your customer base.

Make sure that people in your mailing list got you a permission to send them letters, otherwise you are risking to lose you customers’ trust and develop a bad reputation among your potential customers. As a result, spamming may affect your business badly causing your domain or IP to be blacklisted.

Don’t use too many photos, a lot of email services don’t allow them and pretty often pictures laden letters may get in the spam folder eventually.

Keep out making any spelling or grammatical mistakes before you send them. If you are not sure about yourself, there are numerous text editing apps which can help you to eliminate them. Try Grammarly, After the deadline or ProWritingAid. Every newsletter or email from you should be error-free.

Pay attention to the details

Try changing your email formats to see which of them is the most efficient and has more responses from. When you find your perfect formula, stick to it varying the content. New offers and the most important information should be placed on the top of your letter, it should attract your customers’ attention and help them understand what is your message.

The thing we would like to point out is the timing. If sending emails with limited promotions centred around a big holiday in few days before it may be a good idea, while doing it during the holidays itself is not. People don’t have time checking their emails when they celebrate. The exception maybe such holiday as Black Friday, in this case, it is a good opportunity to inform your customers about advantageous promotions and offers.

Improve your website

Check your links included in your emails. Do they lead to a proper web page on your website? And make sure that your website is easy to navigate and you customers understand all your descriptions. If you don’t know how to update your website, conduct user testing, and make it more user-friendly, ask Magora team for an expert help.

Email marketing can both attract new customers and push away those you already have. That is why it is important to know how to use it correctly. The above guide can help to create a productive email marketing strategy.

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